Aquascape Pond Products

Ever think of owning a beautifull water feature? At Dakota Hardscape Supply we offer a full line of pond products from pumps,liners and underlanyment to entire 'do it yourself' large to small pond kits that include pump,liner,underlayment,microskim,water treatment starter package,Microfalls with rock tray and bioballs, flexable PVC pipe pump plumbing assembly and instalation cant go wrong with our customer assistance every step of the way. We carry complete professional water treatments and advice for maintaing cristal clear water all season long

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Interested In A Pond Kit?

Pond Kit

Our pond kits are a very simple and affordable way to build a beautiful, customized pond that will be sure to impress.

Our pond kits include:

  • 45 mil rubber liner
  • Underlayment
  • Mini skimmer with filter brushes
  • Mini AquaFalls filter with molded rock lip
  • 25' of 1/4 inch PVC Flex Pipe
  • 1 1/4" check valve assembly
  • Silicone Sealer
  • 2,000 GPH Mag drive pump