Outdoor Living Kits

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8 excellent reasons to buy an outdoor living kit.

  1. Our outdoor living kits are easy to build!

  2. Our kits include everything you need to assemble them.

    Precut blocks, glue, grill, reinforcements, and our easy to follow course by course instructions, make assembly a snap.  No cutting, no guessing, no hassles, no problem!

  3. Our kits are affordable.

    Compared to a fully custom designed solution, you'll save thousands.  Outdoor Living Kits provide you with the backyard essentials for a just a fraction of the price!

  4. Desirability.

    We offer the backyard features most desired by homeowners and home buyers.

  5. Customization!

    We offer several kits in various styles and colors to blend with your outdoor environment, so you can choose the perfect one that is unique to your home.

  6. They look great and add real value to your home!

    Investing a little money in a backyard environment adds up to real value in your home.

  7. Enjoy the outdoors, get to know your neighbors!

    You deserve downtime.  Save money and stay home.  Outdoor Living Kits give you excuse to spend more time outside, throw parties, entertain friends and neighbors, or just relax after a long day.

  8. Quality.

    Our kits are not found in big box stores, but instead made from quality materials provided by Silver Creek Stoneworks and Rockwood Retaining Walls - industry experts.  Offering preferred, dependable products to the hardscape professionals for over 50 years.