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While supplies last... Do you have an area that is wet and muddy all year? This is your chance to fix that area with pavers or walls at a discounted price! Visit our store to take advantage of this limited time savings.

We Recycle


River Rock


Leftover Sod


Pile of Dirt

Replacing your home or business's landscaping and you don't know what to do with the old rock, sod, or dirt being removed?


You can bring it down to Dakota

Hardscape Supply on 121 E Prospect, Harrisburg, SD! 

We allow dumping for any of the materials above, all is go through our drive-thru window.

We will inspect your material and show you a place to dump it!


$18.00 a Ton

PLEASE WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Garbage, Wood, Trees, Grass Clippings, Concrete, Asphalt, Glass, Metal etc... 

Your load could be rejected if any of these items are found, please ONLY dump Old Rock, Sod and Dirt!

If utilizing our dumping services and garbage is found, you are liable to a $50 fine and be reloaded with the material!




Screenshot 2024-05-14 125849.png

Looking for assistance on how much mulch, soil, or stone you might need for a project? Check out our page on material coverage!

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