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Aerial view of dakota hardscape supply


River Rock although called the same in many places can very drastically in color and size...

1.5" River Rock 

Our most popular item is a beautiful 

mix of white,tan,brown & gray with a subtle amount of red and blue  

Screened Black Dirt

by far the most demanding item we carry, everyday our loaders are hard at work breaking down coarse dirt into easily spreadable topsoil 













Quality Products & Services

Dakota Hardscape Supply is the leading name

throughout Sioux Falls for landscaping supplies

and materials. Since 2007, our Landscaping Supply

Store has been providing builders, contractors,

repairmen, and private homeowners with quality

products and expert services. Our team of experienced

professionals offer sound advice, recommendations,

and creative ideas to our customers. 


@ Dakota Hardscape Supply 

we’re committed to helping anyone with landscaping needs

from large commercial projects to those dealing with minor repairs.

No matter the size of the project, we’re at your service.

The majority of our products come with Lifetime Warranties

and affordable prices. We look forward to helping you

complete your project. Contact us 605-336-8949

screened black dirt

Why Choose Us


  • Large Inventory of In stock items

  • Drive Up Scale Window 

  • Fast Delivery Service 

  • Professional friendly Staff

  • Quality Items 

  • Locally owned

  • Customer Driven Company 

landscape  rock

Dakota Hardscape Supply now offering over 6000 Square Foot Indoor Showroom for homeowners and contractors

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