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  • Smooth top, chamfered edges

  • Auto spacers, narrow joint

  • Lays quickly, patterned or random

  • 10 cm is suitable for heavy vehicular applications (excluding Plank)

  • Suitable for heavy vehicular applications (plank not suitable for vehicular use)

  • Plank is permeable and ideal for inset/accenting

  • 6cm H and 24 x 24" (NEW)

  • Available with KolorLast Hardscape Protectant

Broadmour 6cm/10cm

  • priced by the square foot

  • you can purchase Broadmour by the layer or full pallet   

  • 4 different sizes come on separate pallets able to make any pattern with minimal waste 

Broadmour 6cm

Broadmour Sizes

Available by pallet or layer. Pallet and Layer are rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Broadmour Plank 10cm

Available by pallet or layer. Special color runs available with set-up fee, minimum quantities apply. Customer must take 100% of product run. *Special order.

Broadmour Patterns 

Broadmour Patterns
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