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Red Dyed Mulch

Mulch Calculator

  • our colored mulches are dyed using a carbon based colorant

  • safe for the environment, plants, people, and pets

  • the dye used to color the mulch offers UV protection to the soil.

  • the UV-resistant mulch is more durable than regular mulch and typically lasts longer. 

  • according to studies done by the University of California Cooperative Extension Office, colored mulches can provide a significant repulsion of aphids! 

  • For ideal results, it is recommended that your color enhanced mulch be installed on a bright, sunny day with NO RAIN in the forecast. Colored Mulch must be installed and kept MOISTURE FREE for at least 24 hours for the dye to set. Make sure to shut off any automatic watering systems as well.

Black Dyed Calculator

Calculate the area of a rectangle or square


Standard Depth for new mulch is 3" annual topdressing is 1"

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