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Belair Wall 2.0 On Display at 27024 S. Minnesota Show Room

Anchor Belair Wall 2.0


Belair Wall 2.0 features

  • ideal for retaining and freestanding wall construction where aesthetics are a key consideration.

  • attractive multi-piece design

  • blended colors offer an alternative look to traditional retaining wall blocks.

  • Belair Wall 2.0 can be used in curves and corners, terraces and raised patios, or steps and columns.

Purchasing Belair Wall:

You can purchase Belair Wall by the Set or by the pallet at Dakota Hardscape Supply, if ordering direct from the factory it can only be purchased by the full pallet.

Belair Sizes

Belair Wall 2.0  Sizes

Belair Wall 2.0 Sizes

Belair Wall 2.0  Gallery

Belair Gallery
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