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Techniseal Next Gel Poly Sand

Uses & Properties

  •  Concrete pavers, wet-cast pavers, natural stone, textured or clay pavers and porcelain tiles

  •  Heavy-sloped and high-traffic areas

  •  High-humidity areas and pool decks

  •  Commercial, residential, industrial and public projects

  •  False and wide joints from 1/16” to 4"

  •  No dust

  •  No haze

  •  Fast wetting

  •  Optimal strength

  •  Deters ants and other insects

  •  Inhibits weed growth

  •  Eliminates joint erosion – water, frost heaving, wind, power washing, etc.

  •  Water-resistant after 60 minutes

  •  Stabilizes pavers – Strengthens interlocking

Directions For Installation

  1. Before you begin before proceeding with the installation, make sure you have an up-to-date technical data sheet in hand and visit to watch the application video.                                                                                     ​​​                                   Installation Conditions:

  2. • Bedding must be made of 3/16” dense graded sand.

  3. • Temperature must be above 32°F for 48 hours following installation.

  4. • Surface and joints must be dry.

  5. • Sprinkler system must be turned off.

  6. • Product must be tested on a small area to insure that texture and color meet expectations.                                                                   Necessary tools:

  7. • Street broom with semi-rigid bristles.

  8. • Plate compactor (pavers and slabs) / Roller compactor (natural stone and porcelain tiles). Plate compactor – Ideally, the plate compactor should have a minimum centrifugal force of 25 kN (5000 psf) and a frequency between 80 and 100 Hz. The weight of the plate compactor should not exceed 100 kg (220 lbs.). A smaller machine can be used for repair work and joint replacement.

  9. • Leaf blower.

  10. • Spray nozzle and garden hose.                                                                                                                                    IMPORTANT: Do not use this product as capping sand!

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