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  • Embossed/textured surface

  • Three sizes on one pallet: 5 x 10″, 10 x 10″ and 15 x 10″

  • Micro-chamfered, straight edge

  • Auto spacers, 3/16″ joint

  • 94 sq. ft. (2,525 lbs.) pallets

Tahoe 6cm

  • priced by the square foot

  • you can purchase tahoe by the layer or full pallet   

  • 3 different sizes come on the same pallet

Tahoe Sizes

Tahoe Sizes

Available by pallet or layer. Pallet and Layer are rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Tahoe Patterns

reno pat 1.png
reno pat 3.png
reno pat 2.png
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