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Techniseal Next Gel Poly Sand

Uses & Properties

  •  No Compaction

  •  Ideal for flagstones and natural stones

  •  For joints from 1/4" to 4" wide

  •  Perfect for patios, pool decks, walkways, and other pedestrian projects

  •  20-year limited warranty

  • Installation area : Normal, Humid

  • Joint type : Regular, False Joint

  • Joint width : Less than 1”, More than 1”

  • Product type : Polymeric Joint

  • Surface level : Flat, Slopped

  • Surface type : Large Slab, Natural Stone, Concrete Paver, Stone

  • Coverage :

  • The estimated coverage power is:

  • For joints less than ½" wide: up to 120 sq. ft per 50 lb bag.

  • For wide joints: 20 to 40 sq. ft per 50 lb bag.

  • Please note that coverage power largely depends on the type of material being laid down, as well as on actual joint width and height.

  • Please refer to this products's technical data sheet for complete information. Whenever the information presented on this website differs from the one contained in the official technical data sheet, the latter always prevails.

  • Traffic : Heavy Vehicular, Light Vehicular

  • Warranty : 20 Years

  • NOCO is the latest innovation in jointing technology from Techniseal, the world's leading provider of hardscape jointing solutions.

  • NOCO is a high compressive strength polymeric joint that was specifically designed for the installation of flagstones and other paving materials for which mechanical compaction is not possible or difficult. Its unique formula makes it easy to spread, allowing it to flow smoothly and uniformly down joints.

  • Contrary to other jointing products available on the market, NOCO does not require the use of a vibrating plate or any other means of mechanical compaction*. This allows hardscape experts to save time, money, and effort on natural stone installations, all the while preventing any damage to the material.

  • Highly resistant, NOCO remains flexible and follows soil movement, which prevents joints from crumbling during freeze/thaw cycles. It also strongly adheres to the inner walls of pavers and stones without ever contracting. 

  • This product provides hardscape installations with impervious jointing that repels weed growth and insect infestations. NOCO can be used on both hard base and cement/sand base installations. 

  •  Clean, easy, and fast to apply, NOCO is the first true alternative to mortar and stone dust available on the market.

  • This innovative product is perfect for flagstone installations on patios, pool decks, walkways, and terraces in both commercial and residential areas.


  • * When working with NOCO, surface compaction remains possible but is no longer mandatory.

Directions For Installation

  1. Before you begin before proceeding with the installation, make sure you have an up-to-date technical data sheet in hand and visit to watch the application video.                                                                                                                    Installation Conditions:

  2. • Bedding must be made of 3/16” dense graded sand.

  3. • Temperature must be above 32°F for 48 hours following installation.

  4. • Surface and joints must be dry.

  5. • Sprinkler system must be turned off.

  6. • Product must be tested on a small area to insure that texture and color meet expectations.                                                                     Necessary tools:

  7. • Street broom with semi-rigid bristles.

  8. • Plate compactor (pavers and slabs) / Roller compactor (natural stone and porcelain tiles). Plate compactor – Ideally, the plate compactor should have a minimum centrifugal force of 25 kN (5000 psf) and a frequency between 80 and 100 Hz. The weight of the plate compactor should not exceed 100 kg (220 lbs.). A smaller machine can be used for repair work and joint replacement.

  9. • Leaf blower.

  10. • Spray nozzle and garden hose.                                                                                                                                       IMPORTANT: Do not use this product as capping sand!

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