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gator dust polymeric sand

Gator Dust Poly Sand

Uses & Properties

  • XTRA Bonding

  • XTRA Strength

  • XTRA Durability

  • Product works at above 59 F (15 C)

  • Drainage applications, rain safe 24 hours after water activation

  • Compatible with all types of wetcast and natural stones

  • Gator Dust is ideal for joints that are a minimum of 1/2˝ (1.25 cm) to a maximum of 6˝ (15 cm) wide

  • Does not haze wetcast or natural stones

  • For pedestrian and residential use

  • Waterproof bags: Lay bag flat on its back, so front of the bag is facing you.

  • Helps prevent weed sprouting.

  • Helps prevent damages caused by insects.

  • Helps prevent erosion due to climatic conditions, such as wind, rain and freezing temperatures.

Directions For Installation

  1. Install the wetcast or natural stones on a maximum 1” (2.5cm) bedding sand. Make sure that there is at least 6” (15cm) of compacted crushed stone under the bedding sand. See diagram 1 above.

  2. Make sure the wetcast or natural stone’s top surfaces are dry.
    FOR NATURAL STONES: Using a hard-bristle, broom, sweep Gator Dust in between the full depth of the natural stone joints.
    FOR WETCAST STONES: Using a scoop, carefully pour Gator Dust in between the full depth of the joints and avoid getting any Gator Dust on the wetcast stone surface.

  3. Hit the westcast or natural stones with a rubber mallet; this will make the Gator Dust settle firmly into the joints by removing any air pockets. Repeat step 2 and this step 3 at least two more times.

  4. Using a soft, fine-bristle broom, sweep all excess Gator Dust off stone surfaces. Ensure that Gator Dust lies at least 1/8 inch(3mm) below the top wetcast or natural stones.

  5. Using a leaf blower, blow all Gator Dust residues off wetcast or natural stone surfaces.

  6. Work in manageable sections, ideally about 100 sq. ft. at a time, depending on temperature.

  7. Do not allow Gator Dust to wash out of joint.

  8. Never allow paved surface to dry out during the water activation phase.

  9. Watering must be started at the lowest point of the paved surface.

  10. Use a watering gun connected to a hose. Setting should be set to shower.

  11. Shower a specific 50 sq. ft. area for 90 seconds.

  12. Continue to do the rest of the area at 50 sq. ft. area for 90 seconds.

  13. When the entire surface is done, rinse off any GATOR DUST residue off the surface.

  14. Use a leaf blower to remove any excess water remaining on the wetcast or natural stones pores and crevices. This blowing action is necessary to help remove any remaining Gator Dust residue left on wetcast or natural stones surfaces from the previous steps.

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