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Porcelain Pavers


Why Choose Porcelain?

  • Freeze/Thaw Resistant- 100% Frost Free and remain unaltered between 60F-140F

  • Color Durability- Fused by vitrification, unaffected by elements

  • Low Absorption- Spills, Salt, and other materials will not seep into pores

  • Easy to Clean- Household cleaners can be used & pressure washers on lower settings (>1600 psi)

  • Durability- Up to 3500 lbs of pressure per square foot

  • Resistant- Due to its compressive strength & absorption rate it naturally resists mold, moss, & dirt

  • Slip Resistant- Built in textures create a slip resistant surface perfect for pool copings

  • Tight Thresholds- Tights tolerances in construction make for easy installs and perfect lines

  • Light Weight- Being a lot lighter than standard pavers means easier install and less bodily wear

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