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SRW Paver Grip


Add this polypropylene particle mixture to create a textured surface, improving slip resistance. Not visible when dry. Great around pools!


  • Adds Invisible Grip

  • Use on hardscape surfaces including pavers, Wetcast, concrete and stone.*

  • Versatile Formula

  • Compatible with al SRW Products film-forming sealers.

  • Easy To Use

  • Add one bag of SR Slip-ResistTMper 1 gallon of sealer.



Can be used with all SRW Products film-forming sealers:

  • Specialty Seal: DG Dual Guard, DG Dual Guard VOC

  • Paver Seal: LG Low Gloss, HG High Gloss, HGX High Gloss X-treme, HGX High Gloss X-treme VOC

  • Premium Stone Seal*: S-HGX High Gloss X-treme, S-HGX High Gloss X-treme VOC
    * Review SRW Products Stone Seal application chart to determine if a
    film-forming sealer can be used on a specific stone type.

  • Wetcast Seal: W-HGX High Gloss X-treme, W-HGX High Gloss X-treme VOC

  • Concrete Seal Water Based: All except True Seal
    Concrete Seal Solvent Based: 1-Step, 1-Step VOC, Green, Green VOC, Select, Select VOC, X-treme, X-treme VOC, Finishing

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