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(Sioux Falls Area)

Please follow the instructions closely to ensure your order and delivery arrangements process seamlessly.
Thank you for your business! 

  1. Name & phone number

  2. Physical address we will be delivering the items to

  3. Type of material you would like to order (Bulk Items or Palletized Items)

  4. Quantity of material you would like to order    

  5. The day and time that you would like your order delivered

  6. Dumping/placing location at your home or business

  7. Any special instructions ( i.e. have driver call when on the way...)

  8. Payment (cash/check and all credit cards are accepted)

Bulk Items

Bulk Items


4 Ton Dump Truck $92.70
up to 4 tons of rock/aggregate or 6 yards of mulch 
8 Ton Dump Truck $113.30
up to 8 tons of rock/aggregate or 12 yards of mulch   
15 Ton Dump Truck $154.50
up to 15 tons of rock/aggregate or 20 yards of mulch   
Side Dump Truck $231.80
up to 24 tons or rock/aggregate or 28 yards of mulch