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  • Four-piece tumbled system

  • No auto spacers, zero joint

  • Suitable for vehicular applications

  • Extremely versatile - endless designs

  • 4 x 8" and 6 x 8" available in Brown, Onyx, or Desert Buff for accenting

  • Circle kits available

Lamont 6cm

  • priced by the square foot

  • you can purchase Lamont by the layer or full pallet   

  • 4 different sizes come on separate pallets 

  • able to do any pattern with minimal waste 

Lamot Sizes

Lamont 6cm Sizes

Available by layer or full pallet   Special color runs available with set-up fee, minimum quantities apply.  Customer must take 100% of product run.

Lamont Circle Kit

The Lamont Circle Kit builds a round patio or inset that is 10.31 ft in diameter and it includes a center piece and 7 rings or courses of pavers as shown in the illustration below. It arrives on a single pallet. The table below outlines the pieces that come on that pallet.

Lamont Circle Kit

*Circle bundle sold as full pallet only.  Circle bundle makes a 10.33ft. diameter.

Lamont Circle Custom Size

If the Lamont Circle Kit above doesn't suit your needs, you can alter the size of the circle to fit your application. The table below breaks down the quantities of block needed to construct the Lamont Circle with greater or fewer total courses of pavers.

Lamont Patterns

Lamont 6cm Patterns

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