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Slate XL Paver


  • Five sizes with twenty-seven unique faces plus coping

  • Strong and durable 10,000 psi concrete

  • Detailed Slate top, chiseled sides

  • No spacers, easily gapped

  • Unique 24 x 36” slab

Important Installation Notes

  • Gap tiles 1/4" to aid in leveling and aesthetics

  • Compact with buffer pad to prevent scuffing

  • Pull from different pallets, and rotate tiles to enhance random appearance

Slate Size

Slate Paver Sizes

Slat Patterns

Slate Paver Patterns 

Slate Pic

Silver Creek's

landscape tiles, steps, caps & tops and wall products are strong (10,000 psi) wet cast reproductions of handcrafted originals. These manufactured landscape products look and feel like the real thing and all are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. See complete warranty at:

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